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DC~Elseworlds - BATMAN: Thrillkiller (1998)

Bianca Steeplechase Appreciation Post

"Bianca Steeplechase is the white queen of Gotham. A lady among vice lords. with a taste for her own product that keeps her on her toes."

"Blanche Gregory aka Bianca Steeplechase aka THE JOKER"

I might get kicked for this because heavens is the Joker a popular character but~ I seriously love Bianca more! Overall Thrillkiller was a decent read, what made it shine, for being an AU and all, were the villians. IMO the heroes were annoying as heck, TIRING even. I didn’t think it was possible to make Batman even more… broody? Actually that’s just the nice way of saying it.

But Twoface? Croc? JOKER! They were so wonderful! Even as a woman Joker is such a flawless character! Of course, goodness forbid, we didn’t see a flash of Joker’s lingerie (It’s a man’s universe after all) but regardless of that, Bianca was a female villan you could take seriously. She was sinister and classy. (well about as classy as a psychotic murderer could get!)

Not to mention she treated Harley (Well “Hayley”) right, she put a ring on it! Though again Thrillkiller wasn’t perfect, personally I wish there had been more focus on the villains than the most awkward love… Z? in the world, I thank heavens for it as Bianca Steeplechase was the female villain I had been dreaming off!

Syfy’s Face Off - RJ Haddy

Last time I posted about my crush on Ian. This time I thought I’d make a post for one of my favorite crafters RJ. The man is talented and i feel like he has brought it with each damn challenge. I do enjoy Rayce and that Cellist was beautiful as well as hit personal spot for me [former Cellist here :3] BUT I seriously think RJ deserved to win. The bellhop SCREAMED Burton to a T, and was seriously movie ready.