This Does Not Exist

This is my Hawke, Dagz.

I had Black Emporium, so to make my game feel more authentic I aged my Hawke throughout my play-through. I made it believable making her look gritty during her time in poverty, more refreshed when she becomes a noble, maturing as she became older. It made my first DA play-through so much more emotional and fun, I freaking love that Diplomatic/Sarcastic Rogue Bitch.

I even have a whole explanation for her ever-changing tattoo’s:

  • Her first face markings were black henna. 
  • When she worked a year as a merc she got chained tattoo’s as a reflection of the time and to prove loyalty. 
  • When she got the house back however her mother wanted her to be rid of them so she bought potions to remove them. She got the flower to keep herself humble and as a reminder of her past and brother’s death. When Leandra died she got rid of the flower soon after so she could better represent a woman of her status now that Leandra was gone. 
  • In her Champion years she did not have a tattoo, it was just war paint. The hand being like a smack in the face and reminder to keep her in place. 
  • Finally when she became a runaway with Anders she got her final tattoo, symbolic of her cause. It mocks the tranquil by being a tranquil mark held by chains, in the center she puts dashed for those close to her who have died. So far there are marks for her mother, her father, and Carver.

I wanted Dagz to be the type to not really settle down but okay with screwing everybody [mainly because I didn’t like the LI’s much] But she ended up romancing Anders on accident so hell now I have head cannon that when she runs away she meets up with my Warden [Who is also a runaway with Zevran so it WORKS] and they work together to fight for a cause of JUSTICE.


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